30 years of history that flows to the future

There is a broad, open and flexible word: way. A word that encapsulates what has been our mission for thirty years: opening new ways for water, bringing professional faucets for kitchens on new routes that had never been mapped before. Ways means innovation that never stops. Indeed, we at KLARCO continuously transfer our know-how to technologies designed to surpass market standards and offer unique, unprecedented solutions. This is the exact essence of KLARCO.
On one hand, we have a technological background and corporate culture that, after a good 30 years, we can define as part of business history. A history of commitment and passion. The history of a family that, in KLARCO, has brought together effort, self-sacrifice and preparation. On the other hand, we continuously convert this history into progress, proactiveness and planning for the future. We are aware that the most significant innovation that flows is that which can count on broad and deep experience. Ways is also a close synonym for broadness and diversification. And this is exactly our philosophy: differentiating the product to the greatest degree, multiplying it into the largest possible repertoire of types.
This is how we provide our users with a full range of products capable of meeting each of the multiple requirements linked to water. But KLARCO's ways encompass much more, including extreme ease of installation, a radical reduction in consumption, cutting-edge environmentally friendly materials and scientifically pure water.
Our vision and commitment therefore constantly bring forth respect for the purest and most vital natural element